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Kimberly is an Associate Certified Behavior Consultant (ACDBC) & Accredited Dog Trainer (ADT) with the IAABC  (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants). 

In addition she is also a certified Family Dog Mediator. Kimberly is committed to providing the most humane and effective solutions to her clients' dog training & behavior needs. She avidly pursues ongoing continuing education and professional development by attending several seminars a year and keeping current on all industry literature. More recently, completing Aggression in Dogs Master Course & The Family Dog Mediation course.  

When Kimberly is not helping clients to enjoy easier lives with their canine companions, she enjoys spending time with her family, her dogs and her hobby farm (chickens, turkeys. goats, & a couple pot belly pigs).

Why Us?

When it comes to choosing a dog trainer it can be one of the most important decisions that you will make in your life and your dogs life. The training technique that a trainer uses can strongly affect your relationship with your dog for years to come. Training should always be fun for both you and your dog. EDT uses science based progressive training methods. Building a relationship via training that allows the dog to work, to think and figure things out. Evolution Dog Training strongly advocates using LIMA, which is an acronym for the phrase "least intrusive, minimally aversive."

"LIMA requires trainers/consultants to work to increase the use of positive reinforcement and eliminate the use of punishment when working with animal and human clients" ( IAABC statement on LIMA)

Not only is it the humane way to train, it also builds a stronger bond between you and your dog. 

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